About Us

Set up in 1975, Evergreen Drums and Cans Pvt. Limited, is one of the premiere manufacturers of metal containers and drums. It is the largest in East India. The Company offers a full line of MS Drums (range varying between 5 kg to 100 kg), round and small tin packs, (range of 5 Ltrs to 210 Ltrs) round and square. The printings of the tin cans are done through environmental-friendly methods, for which 3 plants are located in the East and one in Pondicherry. Their machines and other equipments are imported from world renowned companies and manufacturers.


All the products are manufactured under supervisions of qualified and experienced supervisors under health and sound atmosphere. The company has its own tool room. The products are made for the full satisfaction of the customers.


To create a sustainable & reliable business which strives constantly to retain market leadership, deliver outstanding quality products & services. Due to its unique quality of 100% recyclability, metal cans are the most sustainable package of the future.


To gain market leadership in all business segments, making them robust through innovative business process, selective restricting, efficient/ effective use of resources and thereby surpass the previous turnovers.