Welcome To Evergreen Drums & Cans Pvt Limited

M/s EVERGREEN DRUMS AND CANS PVT LIMITED one of the leading manufacturers of Metal Containers, OTS Cans , ROPP Caps & M S Barrels & Drums since last 39 years having units at Kolkata & Tirupati. Our company offers specialized expertise in the manufacturing of round tin containers (Built up and flattened) catering to industries like baby foods, cereals. coffee, chemicals, edible oil, fish, meat, fruits, ghee, juices, lube oils, pesticides, processed foods(OTS), paints, pulps, pickles,rasgullas, tea shoe, wax polish , tobacco etc.

We are one of the largest manufacturers & exporters of pilfer proof caps (ROPP caps, aluminium closures, lids, bottle caps) for whisky, vodka, wine, rum, brandy, gin, pharmaceuticals glass bottles, chemical bottles, food bottles etc. We are manufacturing 210 ltrs M S Barrels for various Food Processing Industries for packing Mango Pulp, Guava Pulp, Tomato Paste etc, as well as for all the Petrochemical & Lubricant Industries .We also manufacture M S Drums from a range of 10 ltrs to 50 ltrs for Paints & various other Industries